Pin Oak Ranch New Virginia, Iowa


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This Claire. She's a mixture of mischief and sweetness as only a Jack Russell Terrier can be. Claire will play ball as long as your arm can keep throwing. We call her "Baby" as often as Claire!
This is Baxter. He's an Australian Shepherd mix. He's energetic and athletic and is another ball player who loves playing keep-away from the other dogs. He's also very affectionate and is happiest when with you.
This is Duke (otherwise known as "John Wayne"). He's a Chocolate Lab and largest member of the group. Duke is the hunter and already has some great instincts for birds.
This is Jake. He was a rescue. He was found when he was about six weeks old and tends to be happiest on his own. We think he has some greyhound in him because he can outrun almost anything!
And then there's Murphy. He's also a Jack Russell Terrier. Murphy loves chasing cats and especially kittens. The phrase he hears from us most often is "no cats!" But he'll just as happily chase and bark at the lawn mower or weed whacker!
The youngest member of our 4-legged family is Roxie, who is a Boston Terrier. Roxie is affectionate and loves to snuggle, but is also very ornery with the other dogs.


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