Pin Oak Ranch New Virginia, Iowa

Miniature Horses

This is our first foray into miniature horses and we're having a lot of fun with them. They're almost as easy to handle as the dogs because they're not much bigger!
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Her name is Creme Brulee but we call her Mimi. Mimi won some ribbons at the Iowa State Fair this past August. In fact, that's where we saw her. She's small and delicate, just like a lady should be!
Golden Oreo is a pinto with gold on either end and cream in the middle. Oreo will be used to drive a cart when he's old enough. He has a pretty sweet disposition .
Because of her color, we call her Rosie, but her name is Rajas & Cretes Last Whoraw.  She is the mom of Jazz.
This is the new baby, born May 1, 2010. Her barn name is Jazz.  We'll keep you posted on her progress.  She'll be at the State Fair with mom this year.

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